Upgrading to Windows 8 made my Laptop 32-Bit.

Hey Guys,

So really quick here are my system specs: Inspiron 15R Notebook, Windows® 7 Home Premium SP1 64-Bit (originally), I-7 3.1Ghz Processor, 8 GB Ram, AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M 2GB. Under full warranty (unless upgrading voided it).

Okay, in a nutshell, my laptop (while it was still in Windows 7) suffered a critical Blue Screen of Death error that forced me to reformat my PC (I could not even access my desktop on safe mode after the original BSOD error). So I said 'why not' and decided to install Windows 8 PRO because I had to reinstall Windows anyways. So I installed it directly from a flash drive without using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant (primarily because I could not get to that point). Windows 8 PRO installed and works great except it installed as a 32-Bit system instead of 64 - thus, in essence, making my 8 GBs of ram worthless. I do not know why my PC installed it as a 32-Bit, I do not know why Microsoft failed to make upgrading more of a manual process in regard to this issue, but it really bugs me.

After doing Google research, I am aware that Microsoft does not have a 64-Bit version of Windows 8 available electronically and I would have to buy a CD hard copy for like 100 bucks. This would be a major bummer and I was seeing if you guys had any suggestions. One idea I had was reinstalling Windows 7 64-Bit (which I do possess). Then being established as 64-Bit, I could run the Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 and hopefully it would properly register my system and upgrade appropriately. I have gotten quite partial to Windows 8 (with Classic Shell of course) and would like to have it as my OS. I just want the 64-Bit OS I paid for. I was looking to the community for any words of wisdom and really appreciate your consideration. Thanks!

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  1. Hello Ben, I'd call microsoft and tell them your problem, and then ask them for a new OS disk or refund. Hopefully They'll send you a new OS Disk. But if they don't it's your fault for purchasing the 32-bit OS anyways. That is all you can really do as far as I know. Sorry.
  2. Thanks for your reply griptwister, I will give them a call. But I just wanted to explain that I did not buy a 32-Bit OS, I just bought a digital upgrade of Windows 8 Pro. They do not give you the option on what OS you want to install. Instead, I think the upgrade is suppose to automatically detect your system and upgrade your OS accordingly. But yeah good advice - thanks!
  3. Hey benw50, I just looked and some copies of Windows 8 have a 32bit disk and a 64bit disk! You should look and see if you have another disk, if you do that should be the 64 bit disk. Good luck!
  4. Hi Ben,

    How did you buy your copy of Windows 8, and how did you get it on to the flash drive you used?

    There has to be more to this...
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