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3570K or 3770 non k

Hi im buying a new rig cos im stick with the x38 chipset.... I am buying a p8z77-v deluxe from asus a coolermaster tx3 evo cooler some 1600Mhz 2x4GB kingston ram and the HAF X 942 as well as a coolermaste pro series gold 600W PS.... My question is, i dont have the budget to go for the ivybridge i7 K series. Im between the 3570K the 2700K and the 3770 non K. Im basically gaming on 1920 x 1080 with a SAPPHIRE 5850 going to upgrade it on christmas with a 7870 i rarelly encode videos or run benchmarks. I just play games surf the web and watch movies. Which CPU should i get pls help im buying tommorow
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    To me there is no reason to go i7 for gaming especially if you are on a budget....I would recommend the 3570k because you can get it at microcenter for really cheap....

    nearly half the cost of the 3770 and you can overclock it if you like

    saves you some money that you could potentially put it towards your new gpu
  2. +1 for drums101.

    Right now very few games are using more than 4 threads. For this reason the hyper-threading on the Intel® Core™ i7s has minimal value on a gaming system. So save the money and put it for a better GPU or a small SSD (<64GB) and use the Intel® SRT (Smart Response Technology) to speed up your system performance.
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  4. 3570k no question about that!

    OC some and have the speed advantage in a minute.
  5. 3570 should be perfectly fine for gaming. Get the K if you plan on overclocking. Microcenter does have great prices, but unfortunately they are local pickup only so the OP would need to live near one or know someone who does. We need more Microcenters in the U.S.! Remember the K just means you can overclock.
  6. thx you guys i got the 3570K and with the extra 70 euros i got the ocz agility 3 60GB hope it makes me feel the ssd caching difference. I might need some help for the OCing ofc never done it and dont know how safe it is and if my rig will last. I just want to get it on 4.0-4.2 Ghz on turbo. I got the arctic cooling freezer 13 pro cooler and the hafX 942 case will it be an ok OC and how easy it is to do
  7. Do not cache, if your apps fit on the SSD..
  8. yea just use the ssd as a boot will really notice a difference with that....also if you are looking to OC your cpu then a good cooler that is cheap is the CM Hyper 212+....its like $20 and will keep your cpu frosty for a good OC
  9. if you just want to get 4.0 to 4.2, then get non-k. it has limited unlock and you can add +4 bins (400mhz) to it.
    k is only if you want to go further than that.

    So you get your small 10% oc; and have the money to spend on something else.
  10. to overclock with these new chips it is very easy.

    Leave all the clock settings at stock (100).
    Just change the CPU multiplier to the value you want (so 40 for 4.0ghz).

    Test using like Prime95 both single threaded (set the affinity to 1 cpu) , as well as all threads or combos inbetween and monitor your temps as well as computer for errors.
  11. so yeah i went for the 3570K. But i think i made a mistake, i was only planning to get it up to 4.2 anw. i game on 1920x1080 and i also got a good cooler the arctic cooling freezer 13 pro and the z77 v deluxe from ASUS... is it safe to keep it at 4.2?
  12. it depends on your temps.....what are your load temps using prime95 with that cooler at 4.2ghz....its its anywhere around 60c you should be fine
  13. havent got the rig yet it will take 10 days to get all the parts
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  15. stock clock its 60 celcius dont know why got coolermaster haf x and the arctic cooling freezer 13 pro
  16. take the heatsink off and see if you applied too much/too little thermal paste..also make sure the fan is working on the heatsink
  17. its working and i didnt use any thermal paste other than the pre applied on the heatsink
  18. was it torqued down tight enough? the arctic cooling freezer 13 pro is a half way decent cooler it should be able to handle a 3570k no problem. def not 60c idle temps...
  19. yeah it is i get 36-42 on idle and on prime 95 i even reach 74 degrees celcius... i have a HAF X and the cooler is descent this is really dissapointing and btw the z77vdeluxe is well capable to handle overclocking
  20. hmmm I cant really vouch for how good the cooler is never used it myself but I have never seen it on the best performing coolers list so that could be saying something....maybe the fan speed is not cranking up?
  21. normal speeds man i ran the speed test from ai suite II and the 100% speed is the 100% speed of the product and everything is going smoothly, everything but the cpu tmep
  22. if everything is installed correctly and is functioning correctly you either have a really hot chip or a underperfroming cpu cooler....I would probably think it would be the cooler....if you are looking to upgrade a great cooler for cheap is the Coolermaster hyper 212 EVO
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