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Hi all,i am doing a cheap upgrade to last around 12 months or so,i currently have two 1gig 4870`s in CF. Now i was looking at a 6950 but they are just a little long,i would probably get them in my case but it would be a tight fit and i dont want to be modding my case. So as this is just a short term thing i am going for
MSI ATI Radeon HD 6850 Cyclone Power Edition in CF as they are a shorter card. I was just wondering if there would be much of a difference between the two cards,they seem similar in specs.
Many thanks
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  1. You can stay with your 4870 crossfire, Better than doing an inefficient short term upgrade :).
  2. +1 refillable
  3. While the 6850 is faster then the 4870, it's not much faster. I agree with the others that its rather pointless to spend $250+ depending on cards just to get similar performance. If you want to upgrade, then upgrade. If not, then just stay with what you have. CF 4870 should still be able to handle just about everything.
  4. Ok,thanks guys for your replies,its very much appriciated,need to go back to the drawing board(even tho i can`t draw)
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