Screen ripples, several replacements...


For the last month I've been trying to get three seperate 560 ti to work and all have had the same issue. I get these ripples across the screen -- as if my cables are loose but I have triple checked and used 3 screens, all have the same issue. I also bought a new 700W power supply after I sent back the initial Asus 560 ti - that card gave me the worst ripples.

With this new MSI 560 ti the ripples are nowhere near this bad. They're only visible when in dark areas or solid colours but it's still annoying and I'm quite a paranoid person. They also only appear when in newer games (not on desktop), I have no issues at all with Medieval 2. Skyrim and BF3 both have them as do Crysis & Batman. They do not appear in Furmark despite being at 95%+ capacity. Also with the second and third card, I was able to play Skyrim for about an hour or so before the ripples started. The issue does not appear in screenshots hence the need to use a camera to give an example.

With the first card, after installation (I was on my PC a few days before and I don't recall this error) I started having an issue that persists even today with start-up. It says "Detecting drives....... No drives found" after mobo splash but then starts anyway. I obviously tried to re-seat the SATA connectors from my HDD and DVD drives which solved nothing.

As far as my knowledge goes, I have checked everything.

>My power supply is single rail and giving 54A to the card.
>My monitor isn't broken. I think it's near-enough a statistical impossibility that I get 3 cards, each a different model or brand, with the same issue.
>I believe the DVI cables are as tight as I could possibly get them.
>I have re-seated the card and blown away any dust I could see.
>I'm using 295.81 Nvidia beta drivers and has been clean installed twice.
>I bought a new DVI cable

The only thing I can't check is using my old Asus 5770 as it's sold.


CPU - AMD Phenom II 840 3.2Ghz
Mobo - Asus M4A87TD/USB3
PSU - CM Silent Pro 700W
OS - Windows 7 home edition 64-bit
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB
GPU - MSI 560TI 448
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  1. Worth pointing out that it's not screen tearing.
  2. If you get ripple across the screen then this can be due to the monitor lead or the monitor itself, if the ripple is going up and down the screen then this is due earth leakage from the monitor power supply. Can you try another monitor?
  3. I've tried a few monitors. All have ripples.
  4. Ok so I actually found my old 4650 in my garage. It still worked so I loaded Skyrim and still had ripples.

    Can the motherboard create these sort of errors if damaged in a way that still allows it to function normally? If not, it's near enough guaranteed to be a broken monitor.
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