Cpu problem with core temp and multiplier

Hi there, i have a problem with my cpu and i few questions.

First of i have a AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ and the problem is in the core temperatures they seem too high on idle they sit around 60 C on load go up even till 85 and that scares me a bit, i got a stock cooler that came with the processor when i got it a while back but it sems to work fine so i doubt the problem is in him, just a few minutes ago i reapplied the thermal paste and nothing has changed, i don't know how long it has been like that since i started to check the temperatures of my pc just a while back.

Image1: http://imgur.com/NYhdx,kHK5F,7zHib,Wu1dx,D7YsT#0

Image2: http://imgur.com/NYhdx,kHK5F,7zHib,Wu1dx,D7YsT#1

Now for the next question something is bothering me with the multyplier and hte core speed, while monitoring the cpu state on cpu-z the multiplier changes dramaticaly every second it goes randomly between x5 x9 x10 and x11.5 i have made pictures of that event as well i don't know if that is normal ir not , it would be nice if the community could help me. Thanks

Image3 : http://imgur.com/NYhdx,kHK5F,7zHib,Wu1dx,D7YsT#2
Image4: http://imgur.com/NYhdx,kHK5F,7zHib,Wu1dx,D7YsT#3
Image5: http://imgur.com/NYhdx,kHK5F,7zHib,Wu1dx,D7YsT#4

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  1. Yo
    I had this problem when I first installed my cores and it was due to me accidentally unlocking the cores on start up, I reset the bios and everything was fine again.
  2. Thanks for the tip il try that out
  3. Ok i tried it and its still the same, anyone else who could give me a tip :)
  4. For the multipier responsible is the bios saving energy setting Cool 'n' Quiet you can set it off and the problem is gone.

    About the tempratures assuming you didn't make any error with the thermal paste once you put the cooler in there you must not move it or remove it again you are using the stock cooler.

    It spreads the heat all arround the motherboard you will be much better with a cpu cooler that blows the heat out from the rear.
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