Z77 Motherboard?

Hey guys,

Im debating about three motherboards:

ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

ASUS P8Z77-v Pro

ASUS Sabertooth z77

Ok, im going to be having around 16gb or 32gb of g skill ram and an i7 2600k. Im going to overclock to around 4.5ghz and play battlefield and modern warfare etc.

I would love for you guys to tell me which board will perform the best for gaming! :) If you can suggest a better one than tell me but it mase be like around 300$ or under.
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  1. Why do you want 16 GBs or 32 GBs of RAM?

    FYI, both perform no better than 8 GBs in gaming, and the extra RAM opens you up to risks that you don't face without it.

    I am also not sure why you would rather have a 2600k than a 2500k for gaming.

    Are you going to be doing other stuff than gaming with this computer?
  2. Well, 32gb was just late because i had some extra cash, ill just go with 16gb and idk i just prefer i7.......Well other than gaming just internet roaming and general *** and rendering is a biggie because im gunna be recording :)
  3. I guess if you are going to do a lot of rendering you might be able to touch on the extra cores.

    As for the motherboard, you might as well just go with the Deluxe version if price isn't a concern. It has some features the others don't that could be useful in OCing.

    This article


    goes into more depth on that.
  4. Yeah thats why I thought the 2600k and yeah im thinking of going with the deluxe :) Well this is my proposed system so far based on answers, what do you think?

    Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe

    G.Skill 16GB 1600mhz ripjawsZ

    Corsair HX-650w

    Intel i7 2600k, going to overclock

    Corsair h60


    Cm Storm Trooper
  5. I don't see any reason to use the H60 instead of a Hyper 212. As far as I am concerned water cooling is a cute little toy.

    The best air coolers almost always equal it from what I have heard and they do so at much less price and with much less hassles.

    Other stuff, whatever I guess.

    You sacrifice a lot of gaming performance in order to do better rendering, but if that is what you want then its your call. If it were me I would do better gaming and worse rendering.
  6. Eh the i7 is a good processor, let him get it. Heck if he comes to gaming more he can just turn off the Hyper threading in the BIOS and turn is back on when he needs to render videos for a week
  7. So the i7 isnt good for gaming? Because look im probably going to be gaming more than rendering.
  8. It isn't that the 2600k is bad for gaming, it is that it cost $100 more than a just as good 2500k and $100 buys a whole lot more video card.

    560 TI isn't a top end card like it used to be. That is getting toward 570 or 7870 territory. Maybe better on a good deal, especially if you can stretch a little. The 7950 might reach as low as $350 or $360 and that's a lot more FPS.
  9. Im probably gunna stick with 2600k because the money is fine and plus hyper threading would be good for cinema 4d etc and yeah 560ti is alright for the price im looking at tho
  10. 2500k>2600k for gaming.get a more powerful gpu like 7950.
  11. If you are going to be running FRAPS or something like that, you have to care more about framerates than someone with a 560 TI and no FRAPS, because using that program cuts off like 30 FPS.

    The maximum frame rate with FRAPS (as far as I can tell) is 90 FPS (I have seen my FPS go from 300 to 90 by using it), but for people with a much lower basic FPS, it is more painful. 300 to 90 is not even visible to the eye, but 60 to 30 sure is. 50 to 20 moreso.

    That is why I would rather see you with the highest possible base FPS, so with whatever recording software in use the FPS doesn't become so low as to be unplayable now or in a year or two.

    Either way, I have said my piece. Call it like you want. You have the tools to decide for yourself.
  12. for me,any thing above 40fps is silky smooth and anything below 30 is choppy and below 25 is nightmare.
  13. Assuming the FPS is rendered with equal intervals of time between each frame, yes.

    Pioneers in the movie industry already figured all that stuff out many decades ago.
  14. Yeah im porbably going to get a 7950 what sdo you think?
  15. ^it's great.
  16. It is a good card, yes.
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