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Needs help and probably a new computer. I currently running a Pentium 4 @ GB Ram W/ NVIDIA GE FORECE 6200 512 MB.. Been running AutoCad 2006 Architect which works for me. Trying now to run SketchUp and I keep crashing. Cand I just up date the card or just by a whole new set up?
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  1. Well I still suggest you to get a whole new system even it works with only GPU. Provide us a budget Please?
  2. I know I am running a old system... I draw part time on cad and then build what I draw... just started to do some 3D floorplans with SketckUP. THing is I need it to work when I need it.... Budget on the computer only no monitors up $1,000.00
  3. Thanks for the reply... You got me searching, what is your option on this below. Will everything work and be compatible..what am I missing and what about a hard drive.
    Can you improve on this???

    CPU: $199.00
    Motherboard: $139.00
    RAMs: $39.00 $44.00
    GPU: $269.00
    PSU: $105.00
    Case: $99.00
    ttp:// $16.00
    Because it is cheap I'd like to go with 1or2 TB.

    CPU: $200
    Motherboard: $140
    RAM: $45
    GPU: $270
    PSU: $105
    Case: $105
    ODD: $20
    HDD: $ ?

    refillable said:
  4. AMD is OK with their 8-core that's $30 less than i5-2500k competition. They are just bad in gaming (really suck! at gaming!!) That's why everybody thinks it sucks. But don't worry, you are doing professional 3D jobs not gaming and usually it would benefit 8 core. Games usually are 2 or rarely 4 cores, let alone 8... So if somebody tell you FX-8120 sucks, ignore them. You also seems to want to try AMD, it seems fine and by looking at the parts, it's going to stay pretty well for a long time :).

    Also, you seems to not know what ram you'll choose, do you want both of them or what? Please confirm, if you don't know, I gave you an idea that these RAMs are almost the same. Maybe the Corsair one has a better heatsink, but get the one that's cheaper for you.

    You paid $885, and $115 left for HDD, Sadly, 1TB prices are above that because Western Digital's factory got flood on it's factory and big hard disk manufacturers decide to rise prices also. Before (Q2 2011) 2TB you can get by this, but now (After Q4 2011), The cheapest 1TB is this:
    and I don't recommend it, because it's caviar green and only 5400 RPM, caviar green are not for speed, but for efficiency.
    Another pick is this $130:
    It's $15 outta your budget, but it's 7200 RPM and caviar black. Notice it's usually whooping $210!!! So get now if you want this!
  5. Thanks for all you help.
  6. Everything looks really good but I would like to make a few suggestions...

    I would suggest getting a different case.If your going for style they're plenty of case's out there that don't cost more than $70.

    Also if you are going for a Bulldozer CPU you might as well go for 1866mhz RAM to take full advantage of it.
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