3D Windowed tool to test graphics setting?

I'm looking for a 3D Windowed software tool, i can use to test real-time graphics settings. Ever since AMD removed the diagram boxes in Catalyst Control Centre for anti-aliasing settings, and anisotropic settings, it's made it harder to compare 3D object quality and performance settings against each other. I would appreciate if someone could recommend a free program to download, that renders a moving or stable 3d image, that i can change settings on ATI Tray Tools to compare differences.
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  1. Furmark is a pretty common benchmark, and I'm sure it would work great for anti-alias settings... probably not so much anisotropic filtering, though...
  2. i mean just a window tool that will open up, not a benchmarking software, i've already got Fur Mark. I want a 1024 x 768 window to pop up showing a demo of a 3d scenery, where i can pop back to ATT and change graphics settings, then pop back to the demo and see how the graphics have changed.
  3. i can't find one on google, they're going of topic they're advertising 3 renderers like 3dsmax. You know how Catalyst used to have an animated image above the setting sliders, i want something like that where i can minimise the 3d animation and then switch to back again, while changing graphics settings in ATI Tray Tools.
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