Pc runs, no post, no display, no bios

Hey guys,

I recently built a gaming rig about a month ago. Everything was fine, booted up first time. Everything was running great until I made a terrible mistake. I installed a sound card, but Windows didn't detect it. Like a dummy, I figured it wasn't seated properly and pulled it out while the pc was running. I heard a small shock, and the pc shut down. I tried turning it back on about 5 or 6 times and it powered back off within a second each time. Finally it would turn on. The fans and hdd all spin, the video card fan spins, the power light on the mobo illuminates, but nothing happens. No beeps. No errors. Nothing. I read other posts here of this being a psu, so I bought a new one and installed it. Still nothing. I reset the cmos with the jumper cap and removed the battery. Nothing. So my question is, should I replace the mobo next? I think I fried the mobo but I don't want to buy one and find out that's not the problem either. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.

Intel I5-2500k
Asus p8h67-v
NVIDIA gtx560 ti
Corsair vengeance 8gigs (2x4g)
Rosewill 500w psu
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  1. You've fried something, could have been everything to be honest.

    If you have a friend with a PC known to work fine, work through your parts to see what's blown.

    Lesson: Don't pull stuff out while your computer is running.
  2. Yes, I knew it was dumb before I did it. Why I still did it, I don't know. I've built and fixed countless rigs before...it was temporary insanity I guess. *sigh*

    On any note, I do have a friend with a rig but he's worried that putting a potentially fried part into his pc could damage his motherboard. Does he have anything to worry about? I don't want to fry his rig too
  3. Unplug the PC from the wall outlet for about 5 minutes. This lets all the power in the PC disipate. Open the case on the Mobo side and double check the PSU connections to make sure they are in the right place if you replaced the PSU. Do not plug the sound card in it may be damaged. If every thing looks good then plug the PC back in and see if anything lights up. If you have lights Boot it up and see if it is going through POST. If nothing powers up you need to check the PSU and make sure it works.
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