Constantly using portable wireless router on different subnets

I work in the field at multiple accounts on machines/subsytems which have internal private wired lans within each particular subsytem. I use my laptop with a 3G connection to access the internet while onsite. I also connect wifi, to a portable router I carry, to the sybsystems wired network. Each particular machine/subsystem always has it's own particular private lan/subnet.

I only work with a single machine/subsystem at a particular time.

What is the easiest or best way to do this without having to always change the ip address on the wireless router (to match the subnet addresses on that particular machine) I use for each scenario. Is there a way to keep the router ip address the same always and add routes or something using a script or something that I can automate?

I need my internet 3G connection (which is always my default gateway) as well as a connection to machine's internal network simultaneously (2 different subnets using 2 diffent adapters (3G and Wifi adapter)).

There is never any existing routers on these internal networks. Sometimes there is a DHCP server though. In the case where there is a DHCP server, can I just connect the WAN port of the Wireless Router to the internal network and let the internal network with it's DHCP server act as though it is the "so called internet/broadband connection"?

In the event there is no DHCP server on the network, will I have to just continue to alter the address/range in the router?

Also, I always have DHCP disabled in the router when using.

Thanks in advance, ...Tim
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  1. hmm..

    So you travel to different businesses, and each has their own network setup. So you want your portable router to be able to connect seamlessly whenever your in range, while keeping your 3G card online to have internet access?

    That sound about right?
  2. Yes, I work on large UNIX, zSeries, and Disk Subsystems in the field and the all have internal private networks within them not accessable from the outside unless physically onsite and connected. I use the wireless router (and sometimes wired) because of the noise and temperature in the rooms. I am trying to simplify and streamline the process.

  3. My biggest problem is because I have to turn off DHCP (because the different nodes within the private network already have a DHCP server and can't take the chance of one of them trying to get an IP from the router) and I maually set the router address everytime depending on the subnet I am connecting to, I sometimes forget what I set it to last and have to reset to get in. I use the TopGlobal MB7900 router (mainly because it has a rs232 port accessible wirelessly as well with a VCOM to my laptop which I sometimes need. If the router would allow me to set DHCP for the wireless half of the router alone, I would be OK. If I knew of a way to keep the same always and just add routes or something like that, I would be ok. But I don't know enough about routes and etc...

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