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Hey there, yesterday i made a question about psus and gladly had a super fast response, in that post i said i could only buy one thing psu or case but twists of life my family is going to support me and i can get a pc case too. Been reading something about air cooling and i have somehwat an idea of it, but you guys probably know alot more of things so id love to hear any advice you have.

More info about me if required: im not a gamer, not planning to oc, no sli or crossfire, not planning to do water cooling, i just want my system to be stable under heavy load and the less noisy it can be since this pc is going to be for audio recording purposes mostly, id like it to last long.

My system would be

Corsair TX750v2
AMD FX8120
HD 4770
Two sata2 hdd
1 dvd player

The cases ive seen so far are

- Cooler master storm scout
- Cooler master storm enforcer
- Cooler Master Cm690 Advanced Ii
- NzXt guardian
- nzxt h2 classic

Those are around the same price here but maybe we can spend 10 or 20 bucks more if you guys have another option (and if i can find it too).

Thanks again :)
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  1. The Cooler Master Storm Scout comes with three fans , one in the front , rear and the top. It also has spots for two side panel fans so the case as it comes has good air flow and ir need be the two on the side can be added for even better air flow.
    The NZXT cases come with three fans and the option for one more so in stock condition there is good air flow with only one additional fan to be added and that would put the Cooler Master ahead because it can add two fans.
    I would go with the Storm Scout case because that one looks like it would have the best cooling.
  2. This one would suit your needs perfectly and is a stunner..

  3. Do you already have the parts you listed?
    If not, you can do better.

    For quiet computing, do some research at
    One good suggestion for a quiet case would be the Antec soloII
    Here is the spcr review on the case.
  4. I own the Storm Scout, it's got HORRIBLE cable management abilities.

    I also own the 690 II Advanced, and I have to say: this case is awesome.
  5. about the corsair, sadly i think there are no corsair cases in my country, but i will check it tomorrow.

    geofelt: The only thing i dont have is the power supply and the case. everything else i just purchased about a week ago, i know it is not the best but for the price (less than 300 bucks for mobo, ram and cpu) it was a good deal having in mind i dont have to pay light bills, i use multithread supported programs, not a gamer, not planning to oc and having intel is way too expensive here, the i5 2500k was 10 higher than the combo i bought and mobos are more expensive than the amd ones, also considering workers do 1/10 compared to workers on US. If i were on the US i would bought an i7 tough.

    ammuffin, i think if i cant find a corsair here in the same range of price, ill probably go for the advanced.

    Thanks guys
  6. OK.
    Corsair is a quality brand. Do not buy a cheap psu.
    Other quality brands would include Seasonic, Antec, XFX, and PC P&C to name a few.
    As to the power required, look to see how many 6 pin power connectors your 4770 requires.
    A quality psu that provides at least that number of 6 pin connectors , will be sufficient for your pc.
  7. yeah totally agree, i was running the rig with a topower 500 W. It was good about 3 years ago when i was using the ati with a dual core, now it barely can run the fx setup, so i better replace it with a good one.

    The corsair seems to be the only seasonic manufactured model available where i live, sadly the market here is full of crappy brands like pixxo, jaguar etc and there is almost no market to choose quality items so i have to deal with that trying to find some of the suggestions at reasonable prices :D .
  8. Before you buy a psu try to put up a list like you did with the cases and we can help you with a choice.
  9. On the psu side i already decided to stick to a made by seasonic psu, i have a list from hx 620 to ax and tx 750 v2 on corsair. Have some models suggested by tom hardware made by seasonic, so it all depends on what they have in the stores (and the offer isnt going to be great im thinking cause neither corsair, seasonic or antec have a great marjet here), and since i dont really need the extra watts im going to buy the cheapest i can find made by seasonic from 600 w on to the 750 w.

    Hope i can find a 600 w model at a reasonable price :D
  10. The good thing about getting a quality brand name is that the quality is much better and you can get a lower watts psu and it will be strong enough to power the same parts that a higher watts but lower quality name brand will.
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