Does memory on a gpu matter?

I want to SLI two gtx 560s. I was wondering what matters more processor cores or on board memory.
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  1. If you have a large display like a 30" monitor and a resolution of 2560x1600 then you do want more video ram also if you do any 3D modeling or heavy graphics rendering.
    If you are just gaming then the two cards in SLI will give you a good boost in fps and come in handy especialy in games like BF3.
  2. TheGhost9692 said:
    I want to SLI two gtx 560s. I was wondering what matters more processor cores or on board memory.

    If your just gaming in 1080p no
    If your gaming in 2560x 1600 or 3 monitor set-up then yes.
  3. #1. You want the 448 core version since it will give you better performance. Roughly speaking about 10% - 15% more performance than a regular GTX 560 depending on the game.

    #2. The VRAM is important depending on the resolution. Above 1920x1080 / 1920x1200, you want more than 1GB of RAM for all the textures. I believe the GTX 560 TI 448 only comes with 1.2GB of VRAM.
  4. Another question: Should I get two 560s or one 580?
  5. I would get the one 580 because if by some chance later on you wanted to add another then you would have a much more powerful system then the two 560's.
    You also want to make sure that your power supply is good enough for the 580.
  6. You want to have a minimum 600w power supply for the 580 but you would also need at least that for two 560's.
  7. I have a corsair TX 850. Will that be enough, if I wanted to SLI the 580 in the future?

    I have posted a couple of links for you to look at and do your own assesment of what you have and what you may want to end up with.
    The first link shows what the power draw is for a number of cards that are under full stress and it does include a GTX 580.
    The second link is a wattage calculator where you put in your components and it will tell you what you should get for a psu. I would consider this a ball park recomendation and I always put a little more of a psu then I really need just because I would rather have too much then not enough.
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