How well can a GDDR5 Ati Radeon 6670 1GB perform in modern games ?

Ok so I got a pentium dual core(3ghz) w/Integrated graphics(don't remember its name) and I want to get a budget card.I was wondering how will the 6670 perform in for example,battlefield 3 considering that its a heavy game.My screen is a Samsung B1930 1366x768 max resolution.So I'll probably play @1024x768 or 1366x768 if available on ultra quality with AA disabled.
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  1. you wont be able to play ultra with a 6670. from what ive heard you might be able to do medium settings most likely.
  2. Yes but thats on HD resolutions like 1920x1024,I think.
  3. how much ram do you have? becasue your cpu isnt very good and i think it will also hold you back from running it on ultra.
  4. I highly recommend a 6770, for only a 10-15$ price increase you get around 70% better performance.

    6670 has 460 SPU's, 6770 has 800 SPU's.
  5. ^Careful, though... judging from the rest of the OP's system, a 6770 would probably call for a replacement PSU as well; that $10-15 turn into $50-60 pretty quickly, if not more.

    Can you give the a make, model, and/or rating of your power supply? Everything will typically be listed on a label stuck to the side of the unit...
  6. The game will look okay, not Ultra, not even High, but about Medium.

    Don't make the mistake so many make by disabling AA, turning up the quality and getting stuttering.

    Most games look better with some AA (i.e. 4xAA) and balancing the rest of the settings until you get 40FPS or so.

    One problem is VSYNC. If you don't SYNC to the monitor refresh you get tearing.

    On lower quality AMD cards that can't reach 60FPS without being on the really LOW quality, there is a great tool called RadeonPro which you can:

    *The following is how to set a game to run at a solid 30FPS but still have VSYNC enabled. Works on many games but not all. May have to turn VSYNC off in the game settings but not always.

    1) drag the EXE file over for the game
    2) set TWEAKS to "DOUBLE VSYNC" in RadeonPro
    3) set the game to the LOWEST settings (just for now)
    4) View the FPS that RadeonPro generates in the game and if it works you get a solid 30FPS with NO screen tearing
    5) If this works, turn VSYNC OFF for now
    6) run the game now and tweak settings (4xAA, Medium..) until you get 35 at least 80% of the time.
    7) now leave the game and turn DOUBLE VSYNC back on in RadeonPro

    I use RadeonPro to force on AA for Mass Effect and it really makes a huge difference. What a huge difference!!
  7. ^That seems possible.

    Oh & my RAM is 2GB,I can get 1 more gig of ram.I'm running Win7 32bit and my PSU is 650W.I think I can get the 6770 if that will make a big difference.
  8. 2GB of RAM is a little too low for gaming. Being on 32-bit is unfortunate since 4GB is the minimum most people here (including myself) recommend for gaming. And you won't get BF3 on Ultra with 2GB of RAM.

    And don't turn AA off. Having no AA makes games look horrible even on ultra. At least do 2x.
  9. I have windows 7 ultimate,it has both the 32bit and 64bit versions so I can easily switch to 64bit.
    ok,I think I'll stick to this:
    Intel Pentium Dual Core e5700 @3Ghz
    Radeon 6770 1GB
    2GB RAM(I'll use only 2gigs for now,if I really needed extra ram I'll get 1 more gig since my mobo supports DDR2 RAM only which is more expensive than DDR3).
    Putting battlefield 3 aside,is this a good rig for running 2007-2012 games ? Because in a couple of months,I'll be busy in highschool.I will try to finish crysis series,assassin's creed series,elder scrolls(oblivion and Skyrim),battlefield(BC2 and 3),COD(MW2,Black Ops,MW3,WoW),GTA(IV & V if released) and Batman Arkham City all that before september,lol.Not counting multiplayer timeI'm ok if I will have to upgrade my PC ~2years from now.

    Edit:Oh,almost forgot I found a used E8400 core 2 duo clocked at 3Ghz at the shop nearby.The guy in the shop said he can take my e5700 +25$ for the used e8400.Should I get it or stick to my e5700 ?? :(
  10. Why'd you install the 32-bit version in the first place if your hardware supports 64-bit? A Core 2 Duo would be better. Really, you won't be able to max out Battlefield 3 with either processor and a 6670 though. And definitely not with 2GB of RAM.
  11. I played Battlefield 3 fine on 2GB of RAM at high settings. It's not as bad as people make it out to be although I will admit after upgrading to 4GB my FPS went up a significant amount. I really wouldn't recommend getting a 6670 if you plan on playing BF3. I had a 5670 which is around 5% slower than a 6670 and it was hell playing BF3, I also had a Pentium Dual Core E5500. Bare minimum for great FPS IMO is a 6850 but a 6770 should do just fine.
  12. BF3 Multiplayer stresses the CPU. I remember seeing a pic on here of someone with an i7 Gulftown (or Sandy Bridge-E, whatever the 6-core LGA 2011 one is) with all 12 threads in Task Manager above 90% usage. 64-man servers basically require a quad to run competently.
  13. Recommended GPU:

    A new HD7xxx card is coming out which you should wait for. I forget the model but if the details are correct it will cost about $150 and be slightly better than an HD6870 but consume HALF the power (thus not as noisy).

    It will also have a slighty new architecture which is more important for newer games (such as Tessellation).
  14. I bought the Sapphire HD6670 1GB GDDR5 yesterday, but I have a little problem and don't know how to solve it.
    The problem appear in games, I have a gap between the monitor refresh and the graphics card's refresh. there are lines that tears when I turn or accelerates.
    how can I solve this problem ?
  15. nassim1908 said:
    I bought the Sapphire HD6670 1GB GDDR5 yesterday, but I have a little problem and don't know how to solve it.
    The problem appear in games, I have a gap between the monitor refresh and the graphics card's refresh. there are lines that tears when I turn or accelerates.
    how can I solve this problem ?

    Please start your own thread if you want help.
    What you're doing here is called "hijacking" a thread.
  16. You guys are underestimating the hd 6670. At that resolution it can play BF3 at high , probably even high-ultra cause my hd 6670 can even play far cry 3 on high0( far cry 3 is more demanding than bf3 sp)! The problem with his rig though is his weak cpu and low ram which bf3 relies a lot on for multiplayer. Oh and you should definitely take the core 2 duo.
  17. yes 6670 gddr5 is a powerful little card that can play games very well at 720p. however as others as pointed out, the cpu and ram will drastically hold back the performance of the gpu. i request the OP to add another 2gb of ram
  19. you know if you play in 1024x768, then you can play in high settings, with 4xAA...well, atleast I could.....
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