Do I use the hdmi on the 6870 or VGA mobo?

I just got a gpu and h61 mobo and im going to be gaming so which one do I use?
Hdmi on gpu for VGA on mobo?
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  1. What is it being hooked up to? I would recommend the DVI port, as that is what most monitors have, and it is just a little better than VGA, especially at high resolutions. HDMI also attempts to carry sound, so if you use that, you would probably have to redirect your sound signal to wherever. But either way, hook your displays up to your card, and not the MoBo.
  2. You use the video ports on the GPU not the motherboard.
  3. HDMI is best if you have a decent graphics card and monitor.
  4. I have a hp 232in with VGA and hdmi so I'll go with hdmi
  5. The only advantage of using HDMI over DVI is if you have integrated speakers into the display you are using, otherwise if it is a regular monitor, without speakers and is up to 1920x1200 resolution it does not matter which of them you are using.
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