Unable to connect to router through dsl modem

I have 2 computers and 1 printer connected to the dsl modem and another computer and 2 printers connected to a router, I have internet connection to all. the problem I am having is I am trying to add 2 of the printers that are on the router to my pc's but I am unable to locate them also I am unable to log into my router through one of the computers that is connected to my modem directly but I can connect to my router with the pc connected directly to the router.

All the printers are set to share. Is the only way to do this is to connect all the printers to the main PC and then network all the pc's together? I am just trying to connect to all the printers that are on modem and router from any of the pc's connected to modem and router.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Is the Router setup as a Extender?

    The modem i'm guessing is a combination Router/modem?

    Did you make sure they were all on the same network? i.e. ?
  2. The router is a modem/router. How do you setup router as extender? Does the router and dsl modem have to be same IP address?
  3. Am I having this problem because I have PC's and printers connected to both modem and router? Do all the pc's and printers to be on network have to all be on either the router or modem for them to work together?
  4. its how you have them configured.
    you need to setup the seperate router to not be a router.. just a switch and dhcp forwarder.
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