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I recently built a server, and realized quickly that I didn't really need one, and would rather use the case for a moderate gaming computer. This of course means swapping out motherboard and cpu because they are really great for a server, but not for a gaming pc. My question is, if I sold these, could I sell the copy of Windows Server that I had installed on there as well? Would it allow the person who buys them to activate it? I know it is registered to that hardware setup, I just figured selling the OS with these components would sweeten the deal for anyone wanting to build themselves a server pc.
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    it sounds reasonable and legal. though i am not sure about having the operating system as a separate cost but "added in" to the cost of the motherboard.
  2. Oh yeah, it would all be sold as a package, is that what you meant? If not please explain
  3. And I completely forgot to add the parts themselves, I was gonna ask if you guys could help me figure out a fair price for the three items together...

    And Windows Server 2011, which is 50 bucks, new of course
  4. yes, that is exactly as i meant it.
  5. the board is $61 on amazon
    with a $50 OS and a $55 chip is $166

    you may get a bite around $110 but might need to go under $100. depends who is interested and where you are trying to sell it; word of mouth, craig's list, ect.
  6. Yeah that's in the ballpark of what I was gonna ask. It is less than a month old so its still in great condition. Well I do appreciate your help with this, as soon as I get the other stuff ordered I will be trying to get all of this stuff outta here
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  8. good luck and see you around :)
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