Radeon HD 6870 card isn't recognised by PC

Hiya all. I've seen that other people seem to have had similar problems to me, but their fixes haven't worked :S
I have an XFX radeon 6780 2GB card, and my computer doesn't seem to recognise it. I've plugged in both of the 6pin power connectors, and have put it in a PCI express 3.0 slot on my ASrock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard. When I turn off my intel graphics, and try and run the card, the PC runs on neither the integrated graphics or the video card.
When I run the PC with the intel graphics turned on, the monitor simply shows "No signal input", and I can hear the whole PC starting up (post beeps, and windows start up noises) but no image appears.
My monitor is a VGA type, but I'm using a VGA to DVI adapter to plug it into my graphics card.
I'm kinda at my wits end, as I have no idea what to do and this card was expensive :S
The fans of the card run, when the power is turned on, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Any advice would be great!
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  1. Also, I'm using a 700W 80plus certified PSU, so I'm sure that's not the problem.
  2. The problem is likely that the DVI out put on your GPU is Digital. Using a DVI to VGA adapter on a Digital DVI will not work.

    Yes it changes which cable you can use, but it does NOT convert it from a digital to an analog signal.

    I'll look up your card and edit this if need be, but I had this issue with the second DVI output on my 6790.

    PS: Everything you're explaining is what I experienced till i went and read up more on DVI (single link = analogue dual link = digital)

  3. Thanks :)
    Sorry to sound so stupid, but it's working now :O don't think I pushed it quite far enough into the slot...
    Thanks again :D
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