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I am a grandmother who uses Lenovo Think Pads but know very little about computer technology. This machine is about three years old and has Windows 7 and the new one has the same Windows 7? Has there been more recent windows. The second thing is that I asked about things like the processor but he said that this was fine. I ordered the machine in line as I use the red tracking ball and am used to IBM or Lenovo so just ordered a machine. Now I realize that I do not know what the processor speed is or what the windows is etc. Is the new computer up to date for what is out there. It was 800 something dollars. I thought that would be ok for me. It had been higher priced.
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  1. Centrino=bike
    Core i5=Ferrari

    Simple. Your grandmother will get longer battery life, faster boot ups, and a better experience with the core i5 laptop.
  2. I was going to say Hyundai and Mercedes, but I like amuffins comparison better.

    And to answer the other part, no, Windows 7 is currently the newest operating system, though Windows 8 is set to debut (but personally with 15 years computer experience, I believe Windows 8 will flop harder than pancakes at a breakfast buffet).
  3. Are we confusing centrino with celeron here? Celeron processors are Intel's lowest line of mainstream CPUs (leaving Atom aside); Centrino a marketing term for a laptop with an Intel CPU, chipset, and wireless card. The latter term doesn't actually distinguish the CPU used.
  4. Hmmmmmm. I am the grandmother so do try to understand that my kids know much more than I do. I am 69 and have used IBM's forever it seems. I first got an Apple 2 plus for the kids back around 1982 I think it was. When I got a computer for myself it was an IBM Think Pad. I have had several over the years. I do not have any idea on the components and was trusting the sales person to let me know if it would work for my needs I guess. I did ask about having a fast enough processor and to know if I had enough memory but what do I know any way. This is the old one that I am using and it has Windows 7 Professional and was found at a Best Buy in Naples, FL so I grabbed it for about 600 dollars around 3 years ago. The latest just arrived today so I have it here to see what it is all about. I have to go to Verizon to get the stick as I use that to connect to the internet etc. My "girls" are now 33 to 43 and have kids of their own so I am on my own for trying to understand the components. Thus when I saw some kind of pop up for this site, I jumped at the chance to have some help. Am glad that I did!!! Thanks to any one who takes the time to help me. Off am I, Oyster (mother of pearls of girls)
  5. You lot do know that Centrinos are basically core 2 duos with i think an intel wireless card...
  6. I do not know how to find out what the CPU is on this older computer with the Intel Centrino inside? I have not used the new one as yet because I need to get the computer to a Verizon store to get the Verizon stick that I use to get to the internet set up on that computer. I am not even sure if I want the new one. This one is windows 7 professional and the new one is windows 7 home? I just do not really know computers. Don't know how much memory I have on either or how to find out??? HELP!!!! Thanks for any advice you can give me. I may get to a Best Buy but the one I went to recently was no help and maybe some harm. I will go to a bigger store with more people and hope to find one who can help me. Thanks to all of you here. Mima
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