Concerned about my Idle Temps on new build

Firts time build:

Asus P8Z77 V Deluxe
Intel I7 3770K
Corsair H100 Heatsink
Corsair HW 850 PSU

I wanted a good rig. Read a lot and watched a ton to make this build go smooth. Now that it up and running I'm getting High Idle Temps. +70 C. Thats crazy, right? On post I'm getting a CPU Fan Error, but with th H100 it is not unusual from what I read. All fans are going. I reseated the heatsink and checked that all connections were made.

While in Bios I just watch the heat climb. starts out in the 30s and just goes up til 70s. I am at a loss and don't know what to do.
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  1. 70º at idle? Something is very very wrong. How high does it go on load?
  2. What tool are you using to get the temperatures you are seeing? HWMonitor? If so try to install it and if the reading are the same. If there are follow on with advise I give below.

    With the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K and the Corsair H100 you shouldnt get any where close to 70c at idle. Heck under load with LinX on my Intel Core i5-3570K I am still under 80c overclocked to 4.3GHz.

    I would clean all the old paste off and put some new on. Use just about half of a pea in the center of the processor and then seat the H100 and slow work each for 4 screws down till they are uniformly done.
  3. Check to see if the CPU fan is spinning. My cpu power cable was in the way and my cpu fan wouldnt spin.... I reached 102 while installing windows
  4. also check to see that the h100 is pumping water over the block. if the pump has failed it not going to cool the cpu.
  5. He's water cooling :& my bad I did not see the H100
  6. Can you hear the pump?
  7. While I do like Corsair quite a few people have had problems with bad pumps and air in the radiator on the H100. The CPU fan error is also not necessarily the fans. That error is for what ever is plugged into the CPU fan header. If that is where you have your pump plugged into the error is for the pump.

    If that's the case the first thing you need to do is find a different place to plug the pump into and see if that resolves your issue.

    For future reference never plug a water pump into the CPU fan header that's for CPU fans only.
  8. So after some troubleshooting, I found out that it was the H100. I'm not sure if the pump was working or not, but do know that my motherboard doesn't recognize the H100 plugs. I plugged in a bunch of other fans and all were read in the bios. I even plugged in the two individual 120mm fans that came with the H100 into the CPU fan header and only one was being read in the bios.

    I was using Core Temp to measure my CPU.

    So.. luckily I had a Hyper 212 plus laying around and have been using that. Core temp at idle is now 27-34 C. I may try installing the H100 later and avoid using the pump plug for the CPU fan. Insted I may just use a Y cable and connect two working fans into the CPU fan header instead. I just need to know how find out if my pump is working or not, and how to get the motherboard to recognize it.

    Any ideas????
  9. I am still interested in installing the H100 under the assumption that the cooling will be better. If not I may just stick with the Hyper 212. Otherwise it will be another day of trouble shooting how to get the pump to get recognized by the Mobo.
  10. amuffin said:
    Can you hear the pump?

    Not really but I think I feel the water getting pumped through the tubes. The lights are all operational showing the pumps performance.
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    With 2 fans on a y adapter your motherboard will only see one fan that's normal. Also I don't use the CPU fan header at all. I have the pump plugged into the PWR_FAN header and the two radiator fans on a y connector plugged into one of the OPT_FAN headers.

    With the other fan headers can voltage can vary depending on your bios settings but the PWR_FAN header supplies 12vdc all the time which is what you need for your pump. You then need to go into bios - Advanced tab - hardware monitor - fan speed monitor and turn off monitoring for your unused CPU header so that warning will stop!

    You then go to the Power tab - Fan speed control and Disable Cpu fan control and make sure the optional fan number that your using is not set to silent mode. All this is assuming that your bios is similar to mine. :sol:

    P.S. With 1.36875v @ 4.4GHz and a Corsair H70 my idle temps are 28-32c @ 70f (21c) room temp yours should be even lower depending on your computer rooms temperature.
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