Could someone please help me?

I just got a new motherboard and cpu to replace my old ones.
The Mobo is a ASUS sabertooth p67 deluxe edition and the cpu is a i7 2600k.
My GPU is a radeon hd 6950 and my ram is 3 sticks of kingston khx1600c9d3k/6gx

However when i try to boot the cpu_led starts to light up, just for a short time, then it powers on. Now the cpu_led lights up again (not blinking) and continues to do so, no other leds do as much as flashes and the computer do not boot

i have tried booting with all different sticks of ram in all possible comboinations, (the ram, however is not listed in the qualified vendor list, how much of a prolem is this. It is still a DIMM DDR3 stick) and just a question, how harmful is this attemptive booting to my system?

Is my cpu and/or mobo broken or can i fix this?
thanks in advance.
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  1. Check to see you have all the auxiliary power cables connected to the mainboard. This includes the 8-pin connection just next to the CPU.

    Also, do you have a graphics card? Did you remember to connect the power cable to it?
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