Need advice upgrading vid card, SLI

I built a comp a couple years ago with the intention of upgrading it later. With the advice of some friendly folks,
I opted out of two low end cards and got one higher end card, a geforce 470, with the intention of getting a second
eventually for an SLI setup.
They do not sell the 470 anymore, though, and I find myself wanting more power. A friend is willing to take my 470 off of
my hands, which should offset the cost of the new card(s). After looking a bit, I think the gtx 480 is a good fit for me, being
close to the 470, but still an upgrade, and reasonably priced.
I know I won't have heat problems with one card, I never did with my 470, but I am worried that I might encounter issues if
I try to SLI two cards known to run warm.
I have a Coolermaster HAF 932 case, and a ASUS M4N98TD EVO AM3 motherboard. I got this one especially so I could have an
AM3 processor, but still SLI (I've never used radeon, I go with what I know).

I would also like to know if you can think of any other problems I might encounter with this upgrade. This is the first computer I have built, and the first time I have upgraded it.

My other specs:
8gb ddr3 ram
amd phenom II X4 3.4ghz
coolermaster silent pro 1000w modular power supply
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  1. A GTX 480 wouldn't be a bad option. They offer a remarkable amount of performance for a low cost. If you can tackle the power and heat, they are great cards.

    For SLI you may need to do some retrofitting. If you can track down Recon-uk on these forums, he's got a totally cool GTX 480 SLI solution.
  2. I haven't really found any need so far. I mean, I kinda got components that would be fine for overclocking, but I haven't really found a need to take that risk. That was something to look into when I got the system where I wanted it, i.e. a second vid card, maybe bump the 8gb ram to 16, etc.
    I am not against the idea, but I have never done it before, and don't know anyone personally who has.
    If I can handle the extra heat from doing so, I would consider it, but I am generally fine with standard specs.
  3. I have never needed to use aftermarket cooling before. How exactly are those applied? Also, they're a couple of years old and apparently not sold anymore, but is my motherboard, seems like having the two 8x slots between the 16x slots should be enough for space, yes?
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