I7 2600K System build

I am planning to build a systems with I7-2600K cpu

CPU: I7-2600K
powersuppy: 500w ( ULTA 500w supply, its already in my old cpu)
VIDEO CARD: 1GB DDR3 regular card (from my old pc)
memory: 8gb

I will be using for BUSINESS APPS & video editing. Not for gaming.

the 500w SUPPLY would be fine?? for my system?? do I need to buy any other GPU cards for more video??

thanks in adavnce.
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  1. I currently use the i7 2600k with 16gb of RAM and an Nvidia 550 TI I also have 3 hard drives and my system is fine wit h a 550w PSU. assuming it's a reliable manufacturer you will be fine. The i7 is only 95 watts. What model is the GPU you intend to use?


  2. I don't remember the about my video card model, it is 2.5 yrs old regular lowprofile DDR3 CARD. Normal my usage is not gaming purpose... Do I still have a good GPU.. if so could you suggest any one please?
  3. If you aren't going to do anything that would justify spending money on a new graphics card like image design / gaming then I would recommend keeping what you have as the i7 2600k is a Sandy Bridge CPU so it can deal with graphics pretty well alone as it uses Intel HD Graphics 3000.

    But if you did feel like upgrading the GPU just to keep everything new I would suggest this:


    Because it can run all the lastest games I have on the highest settings and is relatively cheap at £90
  4. Hi Marksummer55,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions, I like to give you more details about my usage.

    Though I don't use it for gaming purpose, I will be using for VIDEO burning from my HD camcorder & movie DVD conversaions to AVI or MKV etc..

    Do you think can I use with out any video card for my usage above??

    I really appreciate your help.

  5. Any one can help me on my above question to Marksummer55??

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