First Computer Build [Help me improve it]

UPDATE 4/21: Just updated build with new changes and confirmed purchases. The rest of the build is nearly finalized, and thus if you see a problem with a part or see a good alternative to something, let me know!

Hello everyone. Below is my projected component list for a build I will be starting in less than a month. It's my first build, so help me out with better alternatives or suggestions! Thanks.

Budget Limit: $1000
(can exceed a tad, but only if worth it)

Primary Use: Multitasking, Casual but somewhat intensive gaming (Diablo 3, LoL, etc.)

Additional Information: Considering OC'ing and SLI in the future. Also, using two displays (1920x1080). Purchasing components over the next few weeks with a projected build date somewhere between May 5 - May 14.


Storage: Using old 1TB WD Caviar Black drive and already purchased a 120GB SanDisk Extreme SSD to boot from - $0 + $100 (got a deal on it)

GFX: Galaxy Gtx 560 Ti - $200 - $25 rebate = $175

PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular - $90 - $25 rebate - $20 gift card = $45


Case: LIAN LI Lancool First Knight Series PC-K57W - $40 (going on sale in a few hours)

Proc: Intel i5 3570k (IvyBridge equivalent to 2500k, released 4/29) - $225
Proc heat sink: Will stay with stock until I'm ready to OC

MB: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 - $120

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Blue 8 GB - $50

Optical: Lite-On LightScribe - $25

Spent Total: -$390
Remaining cost: -$460
All-Inclusive total: $780

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  1. A suggestion on the MB which supports your CPU and SLI which is close to your price range:

    And faster RAM for only a little extra (which is what the MB I suggested supports):
  2. You might want to take a look at this thread. There are several discussions regarding the various trade-offs among components and how to build a decent $1000 system keeping possible future upgrade paths in mind. You can find all my advice there:
  3. You could save a lot by reducing the price of a lot of the components
    HAF 912 $59 -10 mir

    AsRock extreme3 $129

    Gskill ripjaws x series at 1333 MHz
    I know the ram is a lower frequency but the frequency means almost nothing for most things and absolutely nothing for gaming.
    This will save you $60 which you should put into a better gpu.
  4. Just updated OP with new information and almost finalized build layout. Anyone have any last comments about anything?
  5. Honestly, everything looks decent.

    The thread has been updated with some more interesting posts:

    To kind of highlight the info from the thread relevant to your build:

    I prefer EVGA to Galaxy and the price difference isn't that much.

    thats 204.99 and it offers a lifetime warranty, and the opportunity to participate in the EVGA step up program (to upgrade your card) within 90 days of purchase. This can be really useful since that mobo along with your Ivy Bridge CPU supports PCIe 3.0 while your GTX 560 TI won't. If EVGA releases GTX 6xx TI series GPU in the next 90 days you can upgrade to it through EVGA and only pay the difference between the MSRP of the GTX 6xx TI you want and what you paid for your GTX 560 TI which depending on where the GTX 6xx TI price lands shouldn't be all that much.

    If you don't care about a lifetime warranty or the opportunity to participate in the step up program you could always save yourself $5.
    This card is the exact same but only differs in the warranty provided:

    You can also purchase an additional warranty within 30 days of purchase (which would also allow you to particpate in the step up program)

    The only other thing I might change is the PSU. If I never planned on using SLI, I would grab a Corsair HX 650W. If I might use SLI in the future I would grab the Corsair HX 850W..
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