Help! I accidentally deleted my video driver!

I got the Catalyst Control Error after a fresh install of all drivers and everything on a new comp build and I tried to delete drivers to do a re-install and of all the dumb things I can do, I accidentally deleted both the Graphics card driver AND the on-board Intel video driver! Immediately the screen went blank and it rebooted. Everything turned on, got post beep, fans moving, just absolutely no video.
So, here's the breakdown:

-Deleted my graphics card driver AND the on board video driver and can't figure out how to re-install it with a blank screen.

Things I've tried:

-Spamming each "function" key and delete key upon individual boots in hopes of bringing up a boot menu,bios or anything for that matter
-Disconnecting the ssd and hdd with a windows recovery disc, mobo driver disc, graphics card driver disc in the optical drive to get the driver back by forcing her to boot from the optical drive
-giving it time to boot to the password section, blindly typing the password in hopes of windows booting recognizing no video driver and automatically installing it from net
-And finally removing the Mobo battery for 5 mins to try a reset.

Other thoughts:

At this point im willing to lose all data/re install windows if need be as I literally just built it today so I dont mind, just need some direction of how.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Intel i5 2500k (not yet overclocked)
Gigabyte z68ap ud3 mobo
HiS HD 6850 video card
128gb crucial m4 ssd
1tb Seagate barracuda hdd
8gigs Corsair Ven
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  1. do you still have your install disk?
  2. i am prety sure in bios you don't need the drivers....did you try spamming f12 on load? if nothing shows up then are you plugged in to card or motherboard?
  3. You can try getting your hands on a different gpu, install that, and boot your computer with the monitor connected to that card.
  4. Um whether you have drivers installed for a GPU or not youll still get video as windows installs a generic display driver thatll pretty much work with anything to at least get video at a terrible resolution. If you are getting no video at all. Your issue is something completely different.
  5. Windows will run at 800x600 with their very basic driver if you delete the specific driver. I think your problem is different.
  6. Every discrete card has a basic mode that does not need a driver. It will be a low resolution, like 640 x 400 or so.

    That should be good enough to enable you to reload the various drivers.
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