The wireless in the xbox 360 slim was connected to my wireless router for intern

i had my xbox 360 slim connected to my wireless router for months it was working fine now it disconnected and won't reconnect now it says no internet connection found, but i can plug it in with ethernet cord and it will read it. did something break in my system it's only about a year old?
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  1. If your comfortable working on your wireless router. Try doing a Hardreset (hold that little button in the back down for 20 seconds) This will restore back to factory settings. And set it up with no security and see if you can connect.

    Also you can take you xbox and try to pick up (not connect) another wifi network.

    Any other Wifi devices that you are using?

    Another thing you can try is checking for a firmware update for your router.

    It can be a hardware issue on the routers transmission side or the xbox's wifi card, but these should help rule out any software issues at least.
  2. you need to troubleshoot it.

    is your wireless router working with any other devices?

    smartphone laptop? etc

    if so then its your xbox..

    if other devices dont work with your wireless router.. its probably the router.
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