Debate on my new build in the next month or 2

I have been debating which processor to go with when I build my new system in a month or 2. I am between the i5-3570k and i7-3770k or should I wait for haswell to release. my current setup is a core2 quad q8200 with 8gb ddr2 ram.
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  1. The waiting part is up to you and when you want the new build , it's always nice to see what the next best thing will be and sometimes it's a bust so that's the chnce you take. The waiting also will let you see what Hswell is and if you buy now and Haswell if a great cpu then you would kick yourself for not waiting. So wait for Haswell and then you'll have three choices , maybe.
    The decision between the 3570k and 3770k depends on what your main purpose of the computer is. If the main use is gaming then thee won't be much of a benefit in going with an i7 over an i5 , the 3570k will give you the same performance that you would get fro the 3770k because in gaming the part that makes the biggest difference is the vieo card.
  2. I run cs6, visual studio, multi level surveillance camera system, virtual machines, minimal games so I will carry over my gtx 460. I was thinking 3570k would run it all with CORSAIR XMS 16GB. 2x 64mb cache sata3 cavier blacks on raid 1 for boot.
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