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I was just wondering what the signs were for a dying GPU, lately I've been getting many issues with my GPU, rendering games like COD4 and SWTOR unplayable. Green specs, black empty graphics, the dreaded "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" and all the such. I replaced reformatted my computer, set it out for repairs, (they replaced the hard drive and updated the BIOS), rolled back drivers, replaced PSU, still nothing's working.

But what's really weird, is that GPU stress tests like FurMark work fine. Is my GPU dying? What could be the issue? Motherboard perhaps?

Using a Radeon 6770.
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  1. Getting artifacts and distorted graphics is one sign and sometimes video cards just stop working with no warning. I f you sent your Pc in for repairs they couldn't tell you what is wrong ? They just replaced some parts and said you were good to go? I don't understand how they can give you back a non working Pc and not say anything about it. At the rate your going you are building a new Pc.
  2. that is exactly what happened to my Dad's radeon card when it was dying.
    green pixels, little twitchy dark artifacts, and the crashing as well.
  3. Yeah, that's it. It's weird too, because on the repair form, they said they encountered the problem again, and fixed it. That doesn't make any sense, because it still has failed to work properly. I've pretty much changed everything other than CPU and the motherboard, ended up buying another 2 sticks of 4gb ddr3 ram. Which will get me up to 16GB.

    Flint, this is a saddening time. I only wished it didn't have to come to this, all this trouble...

    So by the sounds of this, it is GPU related and I should changed asap? I would hate for it to be something else, this is getting rather frustrating!
  4. If you have another rig or a friend that can let you install it on his machine to check the behavior that would be best to determine it was your gpu.
    The shop you took it to should have done this, but sadly there are many " experts "
    Out there that will waste your time and money
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