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i wasnt sure where to post this under as i am a noob when it comes to computer hardware issues.. but when i try to power on my computer it just beeps 1 constant beep and the fans seem to be running at full speed contantly before this it would power on but not boot up so my friend looked at it and i think he unplugged the ram and put it back in and i think he did something with the battery next the intel thing which im guessing is the processor so i was just wondering has my computer been completely stuffed or is it possible to fix the problem
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  1. Hi :)

    Some specs would help dont you think ???

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If you have the motherboard owners manual you can look in there under troubleshooting to see what the one long beep cade means. Usually it does mean the ram has a problem. How many ram sticks do you have ? I would take them out and put one in the first slot closest to the cpu socket and if that doesn't change anything then try the next one untill you have tried all the ram sticks to see if any of them make a difference.
  3. Is the CPU power connected? (4pin or 8pin)
  4. +1 for inzones suggestion
  5. One long continuous beep under a PhoenixBIOS means the processor has a problem. This can sometimes be fixed by carefully removing and reseating the processor and of course remember to clean off any old thermal grease and apply new.

    If it is not a PhoenixBIOS then we need to know exactly which motherboard it is for any meaningful diagnosis.

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