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I realize this has been talked about before but I am still confused. I am running at 1080p and will be upgrading from my sli'd gtx275 set up. I'm looking at sli'ing MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk with 1gb memory or possibly the 560 ti 448 w 1280mb.

My question is with 1080p should i be thinking of 2gb cards? I want to be able to play bf3 at ultra settings.

thanks again,

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  1. The performance difference between 1GB and 2GB between most games is minimal if not non-existent (BF3 actually uses more than 1GB of VRAM; people on forums see crazy spikes of VRAM usage on that game; people with 1GB still get great performance).
    However, if the price difference is under $100, I think it's worth it.
    Games that utilize DX11, tessellation, and all those latest features are quite demanding on VRAM, especially with AA enabled at resolutions 1080p or more.
    That extra VRAM can help in preventing memory leakage and such.
    If you have the money for it, it won't hurt.
    If you don't, you'll most likely be fine as well.
  2. Yes you should. BF3 uses about 1.5 gigs of Vram plus if you ever use more than one monitor that also come into play or res above 1920 x 1200. Just remember the 448 core, they don't make them any more.
  3. Thanks guys. Would I be better off with two fast 560 2gb cards or two fast 1gb 560 ti cards?
  4. better you go with 2x gtx 560ti 1gb instead of gtx 560 and for brand msi twinfrozr iii/hawk for better cooling and overclocking.:)
  5. gabeg said:
    Thanks guys. Would I be better off with two fast 560 2gb cards or two fast 1gb 560 ti cards?

    for a single monitor 1080p the two 1Gb card will be enough but you should go for a 1 GPU. going sli/CF for a 1080p resolution is just asking for trouble.

    Also their is an article on tomshardware showing that going for 2 GPU + cost of the wire to link them not worth it compare to the same money spent on a single GPU.

    You have a minimal FPS gain at the cost of microsttutering and the pain making sli working can be.
  6. Hmmm. Maybe best to jump ship to an ati 7950 oc'ed
  7. I have to agree with you and sunnk. Two GTX 560 Ti's 2GB of Vram or go with the 7950. The two 560 Ti's give a better preformance then a 580.

    But then there is the 7950. The only problem that I am awear of is AMD's drivers having issues with certain games. The 7950 the 560 ti 448 or the 560 ti 2GB. You should be able to play BF3 on ultra.

    Any way you go you will not regret it. Everything to gain nothing to loose. Here are some charts for you to look at.,2962.html
  8. With the direction gaming is going, my worry is that new games coming out will require more and more ram, and rigs will quickly become obsolete. just because you have a ridiculous amount of ram today doesn't mean you will tomorrow.

    For a long lasting rig that can hold up to the rigors of tomorrows software, would it be stupid to invest in something like trip 3gb cards? i thought they had the microstuttering worked out, and im not to worried about the price, but that doesnt mean i want to spend that much when i could get better results for less.

    any opinions?
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