Need help instaling win 7 64 oem on new pc!!!! keeps rebooting

Any help is appreciated,

I have put together a pc with the asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 mother board and I5 2500k processors everything seems fine with build no problem in the bios have the dvdrw set to boot first but when the win 7 64 oem gets to the wind starting screen just freezes and reboots and starts over again. could it be that the disk is bad have been trying everything i can think of but nothing has worked.

Thank you,
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  1. Maybe you need a driver for the drive?
  2. System is
    Mth bd P8z68-v pro/gen3
    I5 2500k
    H60 cooler
    lg dvd rw
    crucial 128gb ssd
    wd black 1tb hard drive
    msi gtx 570 frozer III

    At this point i'm certain nothing is wrong with the os dvd or the hard drive as i can use them on my old comp and there is no problem. Ive tried dif hardware configerations pluging sata cable into the various sata ports. Should I consider the Mother board to be bad? tried changeing out the optcl drive, updated the bios of the motherboard to latest version. the board detects all the hardware.
    if so will I have to replace the processor or can I install it in a new/replaced mother board?

    could I possibly install the os on the ssd in another pc and stick the ssd back in the the new build?
  3. Quote:
    Maybe you need a driver for the drive?

    Thank you,

    I order'd a new drive and swaped it out no go.
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