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Ok guys i have a HD Radeon 5770 graphics card with 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, and a display port. I just got a new tv and am wanting to connect the tv to my pc. I am connecting it through HDMI. I can get the bios and windows menus, but when it gets to the log in screen the screen starts to go black and flash the log in screen for a split second. At the top of the tv it shows 1080p/10bit/16:9.

By the way i have a Sony 32 inch 3dtv. I know the tv is getting the connection because the bios and windows loading screen display beautifully. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. How many monitors are already connected to the HD5770?
    And at what resolutions?
  2. I currently just have 1 monitor connected through the top DVI port. Resolution is set at HDTV 1080p, Color 32, and Landscape. Thanks for the reply!! I also notice when i connect the HDMI to the tv my current Acer monitor loses it's signal.
  3. Let's try and take this step by step.
    Connect the original monitor to the HD5770 using the DVI
    Remove all other VGA/HDMI/DSUB cales attached to the rig.
    Start it up and tell me does it come on.
  4. Then while the rig is on, connect the second dvi to your gpu lower port and the other end to the bigg a tv...
    Open Catalyst Control Center and detect the monitors....
    See what comes up... and post a feedback.
  5. I only have 1 DVI cable. Do you mean connect the HDMI to the tv while the DVI is still connected to the main monitor?
  6. OK... In that case connect the HDMI to the TV and the HD5770
  7. Yes, while the DVI is connected and function with your monitor.
  8. When i do that my main monitor just completely loses it's signal.
  9. For how long does it loose it's signal?
    Does the TV come on?
  10. The signal stays lost and the tv just flickers.
  11. Can you get your hands on another DVI cable?
    If so, I hope you TV has a DVI input too.....
    That would be worth a try, 'Cos I have the same setup in front of me, working with 2 DVIs...
  12. Does you monitor have an HDMI in?
  13. Yes my monitor has a HDMI.
  14. Test out the HDMI cable and port by using the HDMI cable in the monitor and disconnecting the DVI... Tell us if it works.
    Does the Sony have a VGA or DVI in?
  15. Yes the HDMI works just fine with the computer monitor. And i have a VGA on the tv.
  16. Try connecting the VGA to the TV and the Card using that DVI to VGA (D-SUB) Adapter and see what happens...
  17. I fixed it!! I really appreciate your help!! I found out that it was the HDMI cable i was using was not compatable with 3dtv's.
  18. Lucky you....
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