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Getting BSOD during gameplay/movies (HD 7970)

So after about a half hour of gameplay i'm getting a bsod. If i'm watching movies it'll be about an hour to an 1.5 hours in. Didn't have this problem before i installed the card. Running all the latest drivers which my computer says are running fine. Reverted the card back to stock clocks which extended the time i could play before it bsod'd. Now i'm thinking it might be my psu? I rma'ed my first one and now i'm running on a basically new PC Power silencer 760w. 2600k is at 4.4. Any suggestions? I'm gonna go play bf3 now so hopefully i can post what the bsod says although it comes up really quick then the system shuts down partially. Then i press the power button to completely turn the computer off. I'd really appreciate any help guys.
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  1. PSU for sure, that brand is not a very good one either.

    I suggest getting brand like Antec, Corsair, and Seasonic.
  2. Funny i had a seasonic x-850 and it crapped out on me after a few days. Only reason i picked this one up was because microcenter had a crazy sale on it. I guess i know why now lol.
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    When you have a good rig with nice pieces (Sandy Bridge, 6xxx, 7xxx, and 5xx series cards. You really don't want to go cheap on the PSU. Problems like you are having are very common, and if problems get worse it could damage other PC parts. I really recommend you change the PSU ASAP.
  4. Can you turn off automatic restarts so that you can write down the BSOD code?

    Here is a link that will help you with that:

    Also, what are the rest of your system specifications? Have you monitored your temperatures during heavy use?
  5. Hey thanks for the link. Next time i see it i'll post it for you guys. The only thing i can remember is at the bottom of the screen it says something about "memory dump" then a bar fills up quickly then it shuts down. Main hardware that matters is p8z68-v gen3, msi 7970 reference, crucial m4 + wd black, pc power silencer 760, and stock onboard sound. Never recorded temps during gaming but did during furmark's burn-in test and they were hovering around 70-75 deg. celsius with the fan cranked up. I set the fan on 65% because i wear headphones and can't hear the insane fan noise. As always, appreciate the feedback.
  6. Tested with loaner power supply (TX850M) and everything works fine. I can't believe this system is overbearing a silencer 760w. Either way i ordered an AX850 which should be here tomorrow.
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