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Need help Asap please

Hello, My friend has a 6130y hp pavilion, amd quad core phenom, 8gigs of ram, gf 9100 video card, pegatron violet motherboard, and on windows vista not positive if 64 or 32 yet, but my question is that I just bought him an ati 5670 2gb video card and was wondering if it would work on his comp, the problem i think is he only has a 300w system and that is my main concern, I bought it off newegg and i dont know the return policy so i dont want to be screwed out of the money, i just wanted to buy him the best card for the money without upgrading the psu, mainly so he can play the old republic lol. If that wont work will anyone please give me some suggestions please, thank you for anyone that takes the time to write a response, greatly appreciated.
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  1. It should work, the 5670 should draw around the same as a 6570 which is 50-70w full load.
  2. Thank you, what would happen if it didnt work? How would it effect the pc?
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    Not really will effect anything, as it should be compatible. But you know, you'd better buy with a 6670 1GB DDR3 instead... You'd better ask us before :). If you can cancel the order go cancel now and replace. It should be compatible in my opinion, HP PSUs that are 300W with 19A on the +12V rail should support it.
  4. I already have it =(, so you think i should go ahead and try putting it in or play it safe and try it with the 6670?
  5. Well we installed it today and works great =), thank you, but only problem is, cant get it to run in 1920x1080 resolution, he says he has an hd moniter and it looks like it but wont run in 1080 resolution, any ideas?
  6. It's safe, go ahead, you already installed it so nice for you :). I was referring to 6670 1GB Because it's faster. But since you already have it you are OK staying with it.

    Well what do you mean by can't go by 1920x1080? The resolution stuck/maxed out on lower resolution? Maybe your friend got confused of normal/regular HD which is 1280x720 (mostly they are not like this instead they are 1366x768 monitors) and full HD which is 1920x1080. And your friend's native resolution of his/her monitor maybe is not 1920x1080, please confirm that and if you don't know just provide us the model number of your monitor. However if you are sure that it should reach 1920x1080, you may try updating drivers (both monitor and graphics). Come back and good luck :).
  7. yeah the monitor isn't a full hd monitor, just figured it out, he thought it was, well I wish I would have went with your choice I didnt think it would work on his power supply though, but the one I got him works good and he can play the old republic pretty much maxed, thanks again for the help and the advice I really appreciate it.
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