Can't access desktop or safe mode after installing video card

I recently added a Visiontek PCI-Express x16 3450 HD to my HP a630n computer (on Windows XP). There are no other changes from the day it was bought except for 2gb of ram. Previously it had integrated graphics. After installing the card, I installed the drivers through a cd in safe mode and changed setting from onboard to PCI Express in BIOS. The next day, the desktop would not load for it was stuck on the XP logo with the loading bar running. I attempted to go to safe mode but after command lines appear, nothing happens. I then switched back to the integrated graphics with the cord and BIOS, but the problem persists. Something interesting to note is that my PC runs loud for a few seconds then goes quiet while the screen is still loading. I have not attempted removing the card yet. Is there anything else I can try before this? Thanks for the help!
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  1. give your psu specifications.As generic psu can't handle a graphics card
  2. I had issues with that as well. I dont remember if it was that exact card or not, but it was in that series somewhere. and did tons of research on it. I remember there were fan issues because ATI did not have the correct fan settings. I had to buy a new fan for the video card.

    You may want to make sure that your fan is running or listen for humming. I was using Vista at the time as well.

    I went with a zalman fan and it fixed it.

    In your case I would try to pull the card first and see if it boots. This will give you a little more to go on. If you get to boot up without the card, download the latest drivers, and try to reinstall the card.
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