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did a bit a looking online and have come to the conclusion that i could maybe squeze in a amd 6770 in here, the psu is 460 and pci 1.0, i just noticed tho that some 6770 are pci 2.1 and some are 2.0, wondering if its an error or if its possible that different companies, ie sapph, diamond, can be making the same card on those 2 pci setting, 2.1 2.0
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  1. Sorry for the double post :).
  2. Sorry, can close this post, the 6770 seems to be pci 2.1, one of the adds in amd site had 2.0 buts it an error, gonna look for another card that is 2.0 since ive been told not to try a 2.1 on pci 1.0! Thanks
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