Dead 8800 GTS?


I'm thinking of buying budget components to build a cheap PC, and I came up with this second hand item:

EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640 Mb GDDR3

It's being sold as defected, an has this information in the details:
"...The graphics card boots on BIOS, and on Windows, but some weird characters show, so I'm selling it as defected. I accept no complaints."

It' selling in an auction and the price range will be from 10 to 24 USD.

Does it seem worth the risk to you? Is there something I could do to salvage this card?

Thank you
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  1. Well, "weird characters"could very well mean GPU artifacting. This-card-can-boot-up doesn't mean its good-running-condition-for-gaming. I mean, hes blatantly telling you there is something wrong with it. Don't expect it to be something you can fix either. Even in good-working-order that video card isn't worth more than $50. You could ask for an image of what comes on the screen when he boots it up if you wanted to dig deeper, but why waste your time?

    I'd pass.
  2. Thank you for the friendly advices! I will stay away from this card.
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