Using the computer without updating audio drivers?

Hello there. I got a question for you.

Is it "safe" to use the computer without updating my audio drivers (=using the drivers that comes with Windows)? I am using Realtek ALC892 integrated audio with my ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard.
By "safe" I mean not running into problems that I would not run into if I were actually using Realtek's audio drivers.

The reason that I don't want to update my audio drivers is because my microphone will only work if I'm using the Windows-drivers (the microphone is connected through an adapter that converts my 1-plug iPhone headset to 2 plugs that I can use on my computer, allowing me to both receive sound and use the microphone). If updating my audio drivers is better than not updating them, I will put more effort in figuring out why the microphone doesn't work after updating the drivers.

If it matters: the 2 plugs is connected to the plugs on the front of my case (they came with the case), and not at the back of my motherboard.

Hope someone can answer this.
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    If you are getting sound that you are OK with from the Windows drivers then go with it. Bare in mind that you will get none of the effects software that the Realtek drivers provide, only basic volume controls.

    My son found a fix for using a 'universal-dock' headset with Win7 but I can't get hold of him at the moment so can't post a link. Be assured that it is out there.

  2. I guess I'll stick with the Windows drivers for now then. I'm not too picky when it comes to sound anyway.

    If you ever find that link, please post! I guess I will find a workaround myself as well if I really want to.

    Thanks for answering!
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  4. hey, i just wanna ask if you found a solution for this? because i have the same problem too. im also using iphone headset.
    here's my post
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