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Hi, I have a Radeon HD 6670 graphics card from another pc which I’m going to install into a new desktop pc.
However, I’m not sure which processor is the best to use for everyday multimedia applications and high quality internet streamed films, ie. Netflix.
Based on my budget I’m looking at either the AMD A8-3870K or Intel i3-2130 processors.
Which is best for intended uses?
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  1. Well, since you have a video card already, don't get the A8, The i3 would be perfect.
  2. I would get the 3870K. It will crossfire with a 6670. If you already have the 6670, it makes more sense for graphics performance, the i3 isn't *that much* better than the 3870K. Yes it is going to excel in single threaded applications, but for your described usage, processor power is not really that important.
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