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I3 2120 gaming pc help needed !!!

Hello guys,
i m building a new pc for the first time
Approximate Purchase Date within a month
System Usage from Most to Least Important gaming,surfing internet.
cpu i3 2120
i m confused which motherboard 2 buy
should i get h61 or p67 or z68
i m not going to overclock so would the p67 be a better option?
does the igpu affects game performance in any way?
can i go sli on h61 or p67 borad?
i want the motherboard to be under 170$
what is the m pro, v le,v in asus motherboards apart from lacking ports does it lack other features?
i m considering buying the gtx 560 will it be enough
to play at 1600*900 resolution
will 500w psu be enough for this build
i m planning on using 2*4gb g skill rip jaws should i get 1333 or 1600

is there any better option that i should consider?
amd a8 3850?
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  1. You are not going to overclock because the i3 2120 is locked by intel
  2. ^+1 but 2120 is a powerful dual core and will handle almost every game fine.
  3. which motherboard would u recommend?
  4. if ur going with i3, get the h61 since you wont be overclocking
  5. ^hes going with the i3 2120...he has no need for a Z77. H61 doesnt support OC either, so it will save you money as well
    No such thing as future proofing mate :D

    no need of a z77 board for i3 2120 :p

  6. Quote:
    This one seems to be a popular choice P8Z77-V

    happy hunting

    no need of a z77 board for i3 2120 :p
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  8. Which h77 motherboard should i get ?
    P8h77 v ?
    P8h77 m pro ?Does it have sli support.
    Or any other like gigabyte ?
    And what about power supply is 500 w enough.
  9. most of your questions can be answered with google...

    You need to CALM down
  10. I recommended a MB and the power supply I recommended is enough.
  11. Hes not giving up :)
  12. droozel said:
    Hes not giving up :)

  13. @Proximon
    thanx man that is exactly what i wanted.
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  15. hellfire24 said:
    no need of a z77 board for i3 2120 :p

    Whats wrong with z77 if your getting i3 2120
  16. It's simply overkill because the i3 can't be overclocked. No need to pay for features that won't be used, especially with a budget like that.
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