Are these temps good for Sli'ed gtx 460s?

Ok, so i got two gtx 460s and i am running them in Sli. The primary one is msi hawk talon attack and the other one is evga gtx 460 SSC. Both are 1 gb. Now during gaming, the hawk is one hitting 95C and the other one is on about 75C. And i am sure that the hawk one will hit 100C soon. When i see the temps going above 90 i pause my gaming and let the cards cool.
So are these temps good or normal? Will the cards be damaged if they will run on those temps?
Any help will be appreciated.
by the way, i am using CM storm Enforcer casing.
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  1. How are the cards setup? Which card is ontop of which? I would put the evga one in the 1st slot and the msi one in the second.
  2. The hawk one is on top. I had put the hawk one on top because i thought that its cooling systems is better :/
    by the way, why would you put the evga one on top?
  3. Because the worst card for cooling should go on the top, otherwise it takes heat from the cooler card and gets more heat from it's own. Change the cards around, your temps will drop.
  4. Ok thanks for the reply. Will try changing it today insha Allah!
  5. Ok so i switched the cards. There i had about 5C lesser temperature. Then created some fan profiles for the cards and now i am getting 70C with 100% fan speed in gaming on the first card :D
    Mods can close the thread now :)
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