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I am planning to build a computer some time in the next 6 months and was starting to look for parts. The system needs to be powerful enough to play games like battlefield 3 on high settings. I found some parts that look good, but since this is my first time I'm am looking for as much advise as possible. Also, there are still many parts I haven't found yet.

*Note: I am trying to keep the total cost under $650, so keep that in mind when commenting*

GPU: Intel Core i3 2120

GPU: Nvidia GTX 460

MOBO: Asus P8Z68-V (If you suggest a different mother board, I will want bluetooth, USB 3.0, SLI capable -for future upgrades - and slot lga 1155. In short the motherboard needs to be able to last for many years and many upgrades.)

HDD: ?? (can be small. i am planning on having an external and eventually upgrading this to SSD. but for now I need an actual HDD.)

CD/DVD burner/writer: ?? (don't really care about this as long as it has DL burning capabilities.)

RAM: ?? (would like at least 6 gb of DDR3 1600 MHz. But not too picky. You guys know best ;)

Monitor: ?? (nothing fancy, this can be upgraded later on, but yes, i will be including this in the budget of $650.)

case: ??

PSU: ?? (I don't totally understand this part. As much info on this as possible would be much appreciated.)

When posting suggestion for different parts, please give the price and a link on where to buy.

Once again, this is my first time doing this so any info is appreciated.

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  1. For the power supply i would defiantly recommend something like this:

    it is a 600W PSU so it will easily be able to support your graphics card (450W)

    i have one of these myself for my own personal system, had it for a few weeks and its running great, no issues so far, if you want more in depth reviews search for it on the likes of and read the reviews there

    the use of the power supply is simply to transform the AC (Alternating current) mains power supply to a DC (direct current) power supply, nothing more nothing less

    hope this helps in some way :)

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