RADEON HD 5850 VS 5870

Looking to buy a good card and Im loving the look of the 58's with the exhaust at the end. Is the price difference between the 5850 and 5870 worth it? Im running:

Alpine 650W Silent PSU
AMD ATHLON X3 3.2ghz (triple core)

I can get the 5850 at the £131

And the 5870 at £215 (including shipping)

but is the big jump really worth it? I'm not a heavy gamer and don't need a brilliant card just a decent one for the money. Im planning to buy it within the next 2 weeks. Thanks Sam
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  1. Well for that price you better save money and get 5850. I know 5870 would be faster but for 85 pound increase ($100 more you know) I don't think you will see a 85 pounds performance increase. At that price you'd better go with a 6950. 5850 performance is like 6870.
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