Comp won't boot up, replaced power supply didnt fix


I have been having a problem for the past several weeks when I try to turn on 1 of my computers, at first it just usually wouldn't turn on and boot up. I would press the button and it would flick amber for a second but not power on. Sometimes it would power on after hours and the last few times it did internet on it had become very slow, yet the same internet worked fine on the puter I'm using to post with. The computer itself wasn't slow , just the internet on it. I'm unsure how this could be related, but I assume it must be related to my problem considering the internet is fine on my other computer. The fan on the computer also was not working but replacing the psu fixed that.

Also unsure if this is related but before this problem started happening the computer would freeze up a lot and I'd have to force it off. Or it would crash itself. I don't remember what message it would give but it would go to the black screen of death and mention something about an internal clock, then restart itself.

I removed Mcafee virus software a few weeks ago and downloaded Microsoft virus softwear the same day. Other then that I haven't made any changes to the computer recently. I am using a Dell Studio xps 435MT, with vista. I checked and all drivers are updated.

Steps I did last time i was able to get on it weeks ago to try to figure out the problem are as follows: I ran dell diagnostic test and it detected no problems. I also looked in event viewer but there were many errors there so I was not sure what if any could be causing a problem. Memory diagnostics were run and no problems were found there. A full virus scan was run as well and it detected no viruses.

Since then I have replaced the power supply and now instead of the light flicking for a second it blinks repeatably, still won't boot up. Fan works again tho so thats good I guess. Psu is compatible and hooked up right. Before buying psu also bought new outlet, so that obviously wasn't the problem etiher.

Please help me I need this computer working again the one i'm on now is much older and slower.
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  1. hmm... this could be a range of problems.

    how is your internet connected, ethernet or wifi?
    which light is blinking repetedly?

    try disconnecting and reconnecting all PSU cables. - sometimes they dont seat right.
    from what your describing sounds like a potential mobo failure. - best to rule out everything else first.
  2. Ty for the reply.

    The internet is cable. The light flashing is the power light in the front. The light in the back is normal.

    I Tried that with the plugs already.
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