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Hi! I just bought an Antec Three Hundred Two case and when I unpacked it from the box, I noticed the top case fan laying inside the case. When I attempted to reattach it, I couldn't find a way to get it to firmly stay in its slot on top of the case. It appears to stick via a magnet, but it sometimes sits off center and I'm worried that if I power up the case, the fan will go flying and crash into the motherboard or something.

I want to make clear that I haven't built my PC yet and I'm worried about this fan. My question to those of you who might have this case: is that top case fan supposed to hang precariously without any additional support except from the magnet? Or is my case busted and should I return it? Thank you!!
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    I've heard of fan filters attaching via magnet. Not the fans themselves.

    The top fan should be a 140mm fan and as mentioned it should screw in.
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  3. Thank you. I'll take a look at it later.
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