My Graphic Card isn't working...

The day before yesterday, I cleaned out my computer. I pulled out my graphic card right after I unplugged everything. After I cleaned , I put back everything and turned on the computer, working. Next day, working. Today, I turned on the computer and the monitor couldn't pick up signal through the graphic card. When I plug the monitor to the motherboard jack, it worked.

Can anyone give me insight on this?
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  1. Check all power cables.....

    -8 Pin EPS to MoBo (or 4 pin)
    -CPU fan cable
    -GFX card power cables

    Make sure card pushed all the way into slot

    Monitor OSD set to proper input ?
  2. Yea everything should be plugged in.

    I tried opening MSI afterburn to check graphic card but it says "No supported hardware detected" It usually opens up my GTS 450 graphic card status..

    but the graphic card fan is running..
  3. Pull the card again, clean the contacts, blow some air in the slot on the MB to clean debris out of it. Reseat the card with the PC laying down so the slot is facing up. Securely reattach the power lead(s) to the card.

    Any joy?

    You did state that the GPU fan is working. Do you use the same "data" cord with the card as the onboard video? Same port type for both sources (MB vs card)?
  4. Thanks guys for the responses, I pulled out card again and blew some air in and one monitor came on but the graphic card was still not going through. Then I reinstalled the driver through the CD and i restarted computer and it worked again!
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