Espon Stylus D88 Printer, need installation advise

hi guys Scott here

I am not sure if this question is in the right category on the website (sorry if it isnt)
anyway the problem that i am having is i am trying to install an Espon Stylus D88 onto my parents system at the moment, however the CD/DVD drive hasn't worked for a while and i know that, so i tryed to extract the information of the installation CD onto my USB and then transfer it to the desktop and install it that way, it all goes well through the installation until the end when it says "the operation cannot be completed" and closes.

im just wondering if anyone knows why this may be happening

(please note i have tried to install the software from the official website however i get the same message at the end of the installation.)

the printer was previously installed on to the system however my parents decided to have a bit of a clear out on the system and managed to uninstall it

if anyone has any ideas please respond!


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  1. What version of windows are you using? Try running the installer on XP compatibility mode.
  2. yes i am using XP thanks ill try that out!
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