Just finished building my first CPU....only have one issue...

Everything is working great (in large part to help I've already received on this forum.....this place rocks!). The only issue is with my USB ports. They keep dropping and picking items back up (for example, it will stop recognizing the external hard drive then recognize it again). The items plugged into USB also run very slowly. Any advice from the pros here? Thanks!
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  1. First, check connections and make sure you are seated properly. You don't want any arcing...

    Second, drivers! Hit the MB manufacturers web site and update accordingly.

    Let us know how it goes.
  2. What does being "seated properly" mean?
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    Pushed down all the way on the motherboard..
  4. Oh....I bet that's it. Awesome; thanks for the help!
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  6. arizero said:
    Oh....I bet that's it. Awesome; thanks for the help!

    Don't forget about updating drivers!
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