My 220W PSU is enough for an Nvidia 9800 GTX+ right ?

Hey, I have a new PC that has an AMD Sempron 150 CPU with onboard graphics so I want to get a GPU that will allow my kids to play Crysis at 1080p with all settings on high.

I stumbled on a website that lists the actual usage of video cards (not just the recommended PSU).

Here is the website:

For the 9800 GTX+ it has the max 2D at approximately 80 Watts.

Actually it lists 3 rating (min 2D, max 2D, max 3D) for a power usage


when it only has 2 ratings the website says it represents (min 3D, max 3D).

I am really estimating max 2D would be 80 Watts and I beleive I am close.

So if my CPU is rated at 45 Watts
The 9800 GTX+ at 80 Watts (no 3D)
Harddrive and RAM, etc, at 40 Watts

then my 220 Watt PSU should handle everything okay right ?

Thanks in advance for helping me.
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  1. Depends on what the model and brand of the PSU is some say 220W but actually put out far less if you can tell me the make and model i can answer your question better what matter is the amps on +12v rail not just total wattage...
    The psu specs is needed to know is your psu can hold that card or not.Another problem is no way can your setup even run Crysis on high settings.
  2. Well, you have a couple problems, honestly.

    First, the card will be in max 3D mode for Crysis (141W). It's not talking about 3D like you're thinking it is. All modern games are "3D", and that's what it's talking about.

    Second, that CPU isn't really anywhere near good enough for Crysis. It'll never run it smoothly.

    Now, Nvidia recommends a 450W PSU for the 9800GTX+, and you could get away with a bit less than that with a great quality unit, but I'm positive 220W won't cut it.

    So no, a 220W PSU will not work out very well.

    Your goals are a bit too high though. 1080p for Crysis will bring a good current mid-range system to its knees, and a Sempron combined with a 9800GTX+ doesn't even come close to mid-range. The 9800GTX+ is decent enough (although it'll still struggle with Crysis @ 1080p a bit), but the Sempron is hopeless.

    A whole new system is honestly the best option. Not what you want to hear, but it's just the truth.

    And just to add this, MY system can't even run Crysis at 1080p very well (you can take a look at my member configuration to see what I have), so if my relatively strong mid-range gaming system won't, your system has literally NO chance.
  3. A couple things.

    Firstly that CPU isn't going to run Crysis at high at 1080p. At least not with good FPS.

    Secondly...the wattage might say it would work, but the amperage on the PSU is definitely going to be too low. I'd get at least a 450w PSU.

    Thirdly the GPU won't be able to handle Crysis on high at 1080p. Even at 1680x1050 it won't play on all high very smoothly.
  4. Thanks.

    I really would hate to abandon use of this machine. I am kind of embarrased to show this but this is the model I have:

    Its a small box and I will open it tonight to get the amperage. Hopefully its displayed easily.

    I will report tonight.

    Thanks guys.
  5. Hmm, after looking at it, it's a SFF (Small Form Factor) slim system, so I'm not even sure that a 9800GTX+ will fit in the case.
  6. Dont think that 220W is nearly enough for . U have other components in ur PC .
    As u stated 45+40=85 W 220-85 = 135W and there is stated MAX 182W power draw. And maybe ur PSU cant deliver total of 220W. So upgr a PSU ate least Cx 430 V2
  7. Chances are, if you tried that, the moment you turned your computer on, if it turned on at all, it would fry itself or your mobo. The 9800gtx is an older card, true, but it still pulls a decent amount of power.
    Also, since you have a SFF case, you have to consider cooling the thing. I'm going to assume that this this is passively cooled, maybe a small PSU fan.
    Even if you got it to fit and powered somehow, your case would probably start melting in a couple of minutes.
  8. Now, that being said, if you got a new PSU and set your current one to ONLY power the GPU, you might be able to get away with it, but like i and the others have said, fitting it into your case would be problematic at best, and the heat could melt components that are rather critical. For gaming, a big case with plenty of cooling is a must.
  9. i dont think a 9800 anything would fit in that slim case
  10. Thanks for all you feedback.

    Okay what about this.

    I get a better PSU that, being larger, does not fit inside the case and then I leave the case open.

    How about that ?

    Can anyone recommend a PSU that is not too expensive maybe $50.

    Would my Sempron 150 and the 9800 GTX+.

    What do you guys think about this idea ?
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