Problems with 2 adsl routers

Can anybody offer any ideas how to achieve the following.

i have 1 network using subnet of spread over 2 sites, linked together via 5ghz wireless link. the main site has an adsl router at address and addresses are served up using a linux machine and dhcp

i need the other site to use a different adsl router which is addressed at

ideally i need dhcp to serve up the addresses so that if anybody come in and plug in they will get access to the corect adsl router for the site.

is this even possible or is it a case of using either 2 subnets and routing them or will i have to use static addys only and set the gateway for each device??

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  1. do you have two DSLs?

    are you trying to use the same network equipment for both networks?

    not sure what you mean by "site", are there two different buildings or areas?
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