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Nvidia driver or gfx or psu problem

My rig:GTX560Ti Hawk OC 1GB/DDR5
4GB DDR3 1600mhz Kingston HyperX 1.65v
WD Caviar Black 1TB 6GB/S Sata3
Intel I5-2500K 3.3ghz Coolermaster Hyper 212+
MSI P67-C43 (B3)
Thermaltake Toughpower XT775W
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (PIRATED)
SO im having problems in wich games behave strange,my pc frezes,restarts,shuts down then cant bot up,and a weird problem in wich when i OC my gfx the scren goes black everything shuts down then the screen apears saying the nvidia display driver has stoped working and something about the kernel but it isnt the heat since my temps never go beyond 55C when playing games like RAGE Metro 2033 and such so i tried the nvidia 285.68 and the 290 beta and both dont work but i need to back up and tell a short story you se one day i forgot to set the fans on my gfx and the vram temps were 103C but just for 3 min and then i imediatly cooled it down but since then all the problems have started ocuring first games start to lag but difrently some lag in some the npcs lag and after that i got the problem where my pc shuts down and cant bot up then the restarts and now finaly frezes so im doubting my psu or gfx or maybe the psu damaged the gfx or the other way around i dont know so now im downloading the 280 driver and if that doesnt work then i know its a component thing so my questions are the folowing and please answer in order
1.If you could recomend the best driver and most stable one for my gfx
2.Is this a compability issue but i did a loot of research and the i5 2500k doesnt support 1.65v ram but everyone says its fine any my ram is curently on 1.4v and 1333mhz since the mobo set it automaticly so is it something else
3.Is it posible that after the 103C thing that the gfx is damaged and is now causing all these problems since when the scren goes black its actualy just the gfx that shuts down and then i need to restart sometimes i dont
4.Or is it the psu or some other component nut all of the parts are good i did A LOT of research and even the psu got golden adn editors choice rewards actualy all the component did
Any way im just hoping its not an incompability issue since i can have any part RMAD from the store where i bought them i already had a faulty hdd and they replaced it within a week so if you have any answers please reply and thank you
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (PIRATED)

    That's all we need to see. Sorry we can't help you. It's against forum rules to help with piracy.
  2. anort3 said:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (PIRATED)

    That's all we need to see. Sorry we can't help you. It's against forum rules to help with piracy.

    Yes, because I am sure the first thing he did before he posted that was check the rules on piracy. I think it would have been more appropriate and mature to point out that there is no discussion of piracy allowed and not to discuss it. That is if you really are here answering questions to help people.
  3. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would realize that this is a legitimate tech support forum and as such would have rules against things like blatantly admitted know to prevent lawsuits?

    Maybe if you read the forum rules you would understand as well.
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